With great music, quick wit, intelligent conversation, ALL held together by the chemistry this duo have. Zizi is a drive time veteran; she speaks for so many young women and represents a generation. She’s intelligent, loves sport and is street savvy, loves hit music and is the entertainment spark to M.O.G’s intellect and flair for current affairs. M.O.G is the gentleman’s gentleman and the future of prime time radio.

The Next Level

11:00 – 15:00 Mon- Fri 


We’re still trying to figure out how one man could be a melting pot of entertainment, information and education. If the world or radio had a face, it would look a lot M.O.G


When M.O.G in studio, you’d swear a journalist, comedian and music producer were all hanging out with you in one spot having a conversation about all that’s happening in the world.



with Zizi

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