Why ride with us

The Yarona FM 1016.6 Cycle Challenge is a flagship cycle race of Yarona FM radio station. Yarona FM is a vibrant and engaging youth radio station that prides itself in uplifting the youth and providing content that is both fresh and relevant. The main aim of the 106.6 Cycle Challenge is to grow and develop cycling in Botswana through a premium cycling event in Gaborone, that would attract competition from across the continent, and grow to the magnitude of regional cycling masterpieces.


The 106.6 Cycle Challenge is an initiative by Yarona FM and was conceptualized as a means of focusing on the promotion of health and fitness amongst individuals in Botswana using sports, and in particular cycling.The race consists of the main event covering 106 km for seasoned cyclists and the “half” distance event of 60km. Yarona FM 106.6 Cylce Challenge is an annual race drawing cyclists from Botswana, across Africa and internationally.

There are a few things you need to remember to help your day run smoothly. Plan your arrival, including the time it will take you to travel to the parking areas and ride to the start loading pens. Traffic will be busy, so give yourself enough time on that morning. We recommend arriving 1 hour ahead of your start time.

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Checklist of the day

RACE NUMBER {mandatory}

Pin your unique race number to the back of your cycling shirt over the pockets. Your race number is your identification while you are out on the route. Do not let anyone else ride with your race number as we use this to access your emergency and medical details to assist you timeously and correctly.

RACETEC CHIP {mandatory}

No Chip, No Ride, No Time, No Result. This should be tightly secured.

HELMET {mandatory}

Your safety is paramount to us and as a result you will not be allowed to access the start pen or route without it. No Helmet, No Ride. It’s The Law!


Bring spare tubes, pump, tyre levers and tools with you. Mechanics are not always available.


Consider bringing cash along for the day in case you need a replacement tube on the route or for a cold beverage and tasty hamburger at the finish.


Carry your cell phone with you in case of emergencies, and to contact your family and friends after your ride.

Cool tip 1: Keep your cell phone in a zip lock bag to avoid sweat and moisture damage to your phone.


We are in Gaborone- the sun can get extremely hot, make sure you’re a protected.


There are nine water points along the route stocked with cold water, PowerAde and Coke. It is always good practice to ensure you have plenty to drink. We suggest you start riding with two full bottles and for you to refresh them at the water points you stop at.

COOL TIP 2: Freeze one of your water bottles overnight.


The Cycle Challenge starts very early please make sure you eat a sensible breakfast, and you carry any energy supplements you may require with you. Just like your car cannot run without fuel, your body needs its own energy. Test your breakfast on training rides. Do not try a new breakfast on Cycle Challenge Sunday. See Nutrition on Route page.


Remember that there are over 200 cyclists riding in this event and each has their own skill level. Use hand signals when turning and keep left for faster riders to pass right.

COOL TIP 3: Do not look behind you, as this will cause you to inadvertently swerve and possibly touch wheels.

Riding for charity


This year some of our proceed will go The Sir Ketumile Masire foundation. The Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation (SKMF) is dedicated to contributing towards the socio-economic development of our country, and with specific focus on Youth in Botswana. We would like to raise awareness of how sports help the youth develop into tomorrows leaders and keeps them away from harm.

Start time


14th October 2018


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